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"I recently retired and decided to take up golfing. Never having golfed before I obviously needed lessons. Carly's approach, patience and encouragement gave me the confidence I needed. I signed up for the 5 lesson package and we worked on different parts of my game in each lesson. Being able to focus on one thing and practice between lessons worked for me. Carly's enthusiasm is certainly motivational. For a first time golfer her instructions were easy to understand and geared towards my strengths at this time. As I have come to truly enjoy golfing I will continue to take future lessons from Carly to strengthen my game."

- Debbie B.

"I had the pleasure of taking a series of golf lessons from Carly this past summer and I can't say enough about how she helped me improve my game.  There were so many reasons that her style of teaching worked for me.  Carly knows golf and, more importantly, she knows how to use that knowledge to help others find ways to improve.  It was amazing how quickly she was able to analyze my swing and suggest changes I should make.  These changes were never overwhelming or too much for me - she would give me one or 2 things to work on and build from there.  Carly took a video of my swing and then compared it with a pro, so I could see exactly what I was doing wrong.  Once I saw it myself, it was so much easier to envision the change I needed to make.  She was unbelievably patient with me every step of the way.  We also spent some time talking about the psychological part of the game - how my mind can get in the way of playing well - and she helped me to deal with that as well.  


As a result of taking these lessons, every part of my game improved and so did my confidence. Every lesson was so enjoyable. We worked hard; but, we had a lot of laughs too. I am definitely going to take a few lessons with Carly early next season. What a great way to get started again.  

Thanks, Carly!"

- Mary Jane G.

"I am a complete novice and wanted to take some golf lessons to start properly before developing too many bad habits! Carly was recommended by a close friend who also took lessons recently. I have had 6 lessons - Carly has been great - good explanations and instruction all the way, Each lesson built on the last, with a review and reminder of concerns as we went.  She was friendly and helpful, very encouraging, answered questions as they came up and was thoroughly professional.  I'm looking forward to playing in the spring and intend to engage her again going forward."

- Donna I.

"My golf lessons with Carly this season improved my overall game, she gave me the idea of three effortless moves, taking a stroke off my game. I would recommend Carly to any golfer wanting to learn fresh moves."

- Alberta P.

"Carly introduced our kids to golf in a way that had them seeing success in no time. That's hard to say about golf. They got excited about the game, enjoyed working on skills and had fun with games as she taught them the basics. We would recommend her to any novice golfer or someone looking to improve their skills. Looking forward to next spring's lessons already."

- Deb S.

Golf Teaching Reference

"I had the honor of meeting Carly Peister during the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation Certification program in July of 2014 @ ClubLINK/Hidden Lake Golf Course in Burlington Ontario.

As the course conductor/Master Teaching Professional for the C.G.T.F.,


Carly was a ‘stand out’ from day one. She was a very active and engaged, willing participant in this very intense program. She displayed an above average knowledge of the game of golf, through playing, demonstrations, and communication, passing all levels necessary to become a Certified Teaching Professional.


Carly’s great personality, zest for learning and willingness to help others learn, improve and play this great game is just what the golf world needs!


I would highly recommend Carly to anyone who wishes to take up this great game or improve their existing game. She would be a great part of any Teaching Academy/Staff. (I know she would be a great asset to our Team!)"


Jeff Howe

C.G.T.F. Master Teaching Professional

Director of Academy ClubLINK@ Hidden Lake Golf Course


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